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We designed Reslify with your restaurant's success in mind, aiming to expand your customer base, maximize table occupancy, and boost your sales.
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All the tools that drive your business forward.
Reservation Channels
Accept reservations from your restaurant website, Google Search and Maps, as well as from your Facebook and Instagram profiles, and more. Manage all in one place.
Collect reservations from your website, Google Search and Maps, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Manage them seamlessly in one central hub - your smart online calendar.
Reslify's smart seating algorithm helps you maximize occupancy and increase revenues. Get the most out of your dining space and seat as many guests as possible.
Let your guests choose their preferred seating area, manually or automatically confirm your reservations, and allow your guests to easily edit or cancel reservations online.
Set a limit on the number of guests you can accommodate per day, shift, or time slot, as well as in specific seating areas or at individual tables.
When you receive a reservation, guest data is recorded in your guest list. Easily keep track of your guests, their special requests, and visit history, all in one centralized location.
As the reservation date approaches, send personalized reminders to your guests, and following their visit, kindly request reviews.
The most reliable reservation system for your success.
Fast loading times
Enjoy speedy access to the system with our performance-optimized platform.
Manage from anywhere
Effortlessly manage your restaurant from anywhere, utilizing your phone, tablet, or computer.
User-friendly interface
It is incredibly easy to set up and use, allowing you to get started swiftly.
Powerful features
We provide everything you need for a seamless and efficient experience.
Robust infrastructure
With multi-cloud hosting, we guarantee 99.9% uptime, even during surges in traffic.
We've got your back whenever you need it.
Experience ongoing support for your restaurant with a dedicated account manager by your side.
Affordable excellence for all.
Get more direct bookings and enjoy commission-free reservations.
Get up and running in no time with no setup fee.
No hidden fees – transparency is our commitment to you.
Start your free trial with Reslify.
Choose either a monthly or yearly subscription to access the system with no long-term commitments.
Accept as many reservations as you want through your website, Google Search and Maps, social media profiles, and more. Also, create an unlimited number of offline reservations on your own. There is no limit at all!
Get pro-support.
If you need assistance, feel free to easily reach out to us. Our reliable and personalized support team is here for you. Rest assured and rely on Reslify's excellent customer service.
Frequently asked questions
You can easily customize the Reslify platform to fit the specific needs of your restaurant on your own. Alternatively, you can contact us to plan your setup. Either way, you can have your Reslify account up and running in no time.
Yes. If you have multiple restaurants, you can combine them into a single account and manage them all from a central location.
Yes. You can create your guest list and manage your guests — all in one centralized location.
Yes. You can work on any device and manage your reservations on any smartphone, tablet or PC. It's easy and flexible.
Yes. We can help you with transferring data from another application to Reslify. Please reach out to us to learn more about data transfer.
Keep your tables full.
Share your flavors with more.
No cover fee. Free trial. Cancel anytime.
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